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Bad Breath Cure

If you’re looking for a way to cure your bad breath you’ve come to the right place! 

NO matter what you’ve tried in the past or whether you’ve even tried anything at all before to Cure Bad Breath we’ve got a solution for you! 

AND, while I’m thinking about it, if you’ve just started your search for a bad breath cure I might as well tell you you don’t need to look anywhere else then where you are right now. I know that sounds a bit conceited and all that but the bottom line is what we have here is a consensus of what everyone else is saying about bad breath.

 Now some may be a bit more scientific and some may have more credentials but the bottom line is we have all the facts you need to know to make an intelligent choice based on your situation. As a matter of fact if you’ve been examined by a Dentist and you’ve been told that you don’t have any medical or dental conditions causing your bad breath then you may as well click this link and get the report you find there, in less time than you can imagine your problem will be over!

If you already know you have good oral and dental health, you visit the Dentist regularly and have no medical conditions that could be causing your problem, yet, you still suffer from bad breath, you need to read the this,
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Now how do we know you have a problem, well we know because you’re here and you wouldn’t be if you didn’t need to find a cure for bad breath!

To make this all work for you as nature intended, and to ensure you actually do cure your bad breath problem, I need to ask you for a little help, is that ok?

I mean would you be willing to assist in your own cure if you knew it almost guaranteed the elimination of your bad breath problem?

Of course you would if you’re like most people and take my word for it; it isn’t hard and won’t hurt at all!

Ok so now that we’ve got your help in this matter, the matter of curing your bad breath, you can continue to read what I have to say or you can just CLICK THIS LINK which will take you directly to the page where you’ll find your cure or you can continue reading about some of the ways you can help.

Still with me … ok good, let’s get started

First things firsts though as we need to cover this before we go running off on a tangent that won’t do you any good, here’s the first question you need to ask yourself

Do I have Periodontal Disease?

And how do you know whether you do or don’t, well you make an appointment with your Dentist, that’ how.

Now whether you live him (her) or hate him/her you still need to go and have an oral exam if you all of a sudden develop server or chronic bad breath.

Think of it this way, if your eyes were having trouble seeing to drive or to do everyday tasks you’d go see the eye doctor right? Well it’s the same thing for your bad breath, go see your dentist and let them tell you for sure if you have no other problems that require medical attention, ok.

Statistically 3 to 5 Percent of all bad breath cases are caused by problems that require some type of medical/dental intervention so go see your dentist it’ll make me feel better and probably you too once you have your exam and you’re given a clean bill of health.

Ok so now we know you don’t have any medical problems and we can focus on the other major causes of bad breath which are diet, dry mouth, bacteria, poor hygiene.

To understand how to get rid of bad breath we first need to understand its causes. It’s really no great mystery but sometimes it’s not as evident as it should be.

Let’s deal with diet first. Some of the things we eat cause bad breath and there’s nothing we can do about it. Knowing what these are will at least give you the option of avoiding them when you can or need to so they aren’t a contributing factor.

I probably don’t even have to tell you what these are we all know what they are but it won’t hurt to mention them I guess. First on the list is Garlic!

Ahhh, GARLIC, I love garlic, but regardless of how much I like it it gives me and everyone else that eats it bad breath, garlic breath, and you can’t prevent it. Its part of the digestion process of garlic that causes your body to produce a gas that’s exhaled as you breathe, BINGO, GARLIC BREATH! It’s gonna stay with you until it’s completely digested and eliminated from your body, sorry. Only thing you can do is mask it with another more pleasant smell you find in chewing gum or breath mints or the like.

Speaking of gum and mints these are only masking agents that tend to hide other odors we would consider offensive so they do nothing to cure chronic bad breath which I’m sure you already knew.

Ok so where were we, oh yeah, the next thing you want to avoid is alcohol as in over indulgence. Basically alcohol acts as a diuretic so it dehydrated us. With dehydration we get dry mouth, with dry mouth we get bad breath, just what we don’t want.

Again it’s time to grab the mints if you want to keep your friends your


Ok, so that’s about what, number 2 and 3 of things we can avoid, which brings us to things that we can’t avoid and that’s just plain old eating.

I’m not sure about you but for me I need to eat and I need to eat regularly! And it’s the process of eating that creates the environment that is mostly responsible for bad breath and that’s the bacteria we have that exist in our mouths. Oooooooooooooo


Like it or not we can’t get away from it, we have bacteria in our mouths that live and thrive on food particles that get stuck and lodged in all the little nooks, crack and crannies of out mouth.

One of the natural things our body has to deal with these bacteria is our saliva. As we chew and eat our body produces saliva which begins the digestive process of the food we eat but it also serves as a means of flushing and purging excess food particles and bacteria out of our mouths and into our digestive system. The more saliva we produce the more bacteria get flushed or carried out of our mouths and the less likely we’re going to experience bad breath caused by excessive bacteria!

The biggest culprits for creating an environment for the bacteria to flourish is foods with high protein content like meats, eggs, and foods and drinks high in sugar. The opposite of course would be vegetables being the LEAST likely to promote bacterial growth or cause bad breath,

Make sense?

So for those of us that have a dry mouth problem we tend to have a higher incidence of bad breath. We don’t produce enough saliva to keep the bacteria at bay. Same thing when you wake up in the morning, your saliva has been at a low production level while you sleep and therefore you’re more likely to have bad breath. I know I do and most people I know do as well.

Up until now we’ve talked mostly about problems with the things we eat as opposed to things we can do so let’s have a look at things we can do to help prevent bad breath.

Remember earlier on I asked if you’d be interested in helping me to help you with your problem where here it is that time has come.

Your first line of defense is good oral hygiene. If you’re not actively trying to cure your problem with good at home oral care then pretty much nothing else is going to totally eliminate a bad breath problem!

When asking the question “How to Cure Bad Breath?” we need to keep in mind the age old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So what does that mean to you the reader and why should you care?

Well what it means is that without good oral hygiene, all other things being equal, you don’t stand a snowballs chance in … a really hot place … of ever eliminating your problem!

With good hygiene, and watching what you eat when you need to, if you still have bad breath you can apply some very simple very inexpensive techniques that you can learn here and be pretty much guaranteed that YOU WON’T HAVE BAD BREATH!


I’m sure it would!

So now you know what you need to know,

Let’s review before I close,

Some of the foods we eat will cause us to have bad breath, there’s no way around it!

No matter what, if we eat any type of protein or sugary type foods the bacteria in our mouths will grow and create an odor while trying to break down the food bits and pieces in the nooks, cracks and crannies.

Saliva helps to prevent bad breath and so any time we become dehydrated or have a dryer than normal mouth we can expect to have bad breath.

Good oral hygiene, brushing regularly at least 2 times per day, and flossing frequently, helps prevent decaying food particles which contribute to bacteria growth.

If we still experience a bad breath problem we need to follow the advice available here to be virtually bad breath free when all else has failed!